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 Can you believe this?

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PostSubject: Can you believe this?   Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:58 pm

Hi all, tonight Mcgert and I were going to attack a city we thought was an inactive wasnt so we decided not to attack but look at what happened after. Sometimes i hate diplomacy!
These are the mail messages between me (T) and the player i will call R
R: why are you and mcgertton attacking both my cities? what did I do to you?
T: I haven't attacked you only scouted. We actually though you were an inactive player because you have so many resources in your city! McGert is recalling his attack - best wishes from Redneck alliance
R: thanks...the other guy who went after me is mean and rude. i am a kid playing with my parents supervision just learn to build guys killed all my soilders and destroyed my wall. It really hurts cuz I'v worked hard at it. thanks for recalling.
I then find out that R has called McG a SOB and his troops are still advancing but still 3hours away.
R: no he is not recalling. he is beig rude and mean and calling me arrogent. and is continuing the attacks. he wont leave me alone. i dont know why.
T: He was about to recall - i suggest you try being polite and he will.
R: what am i doing wrong? I dont understand. you guys came after me? i just mind my own business
T: you are under your parents supervision and your subject for this mail is "wtf" and you have now called mcgert a SOB?
i am starting to find your story hard to believe.
R: are you the same person? cuz it rerally seems like it
T: as i said we were happy to stop attacks because we thought you were an inactive player and you are clearly not. However since you hae now been so rude to Mcgert we are reconsidering whether to attack you
R: This is her mom. How was my daughter rude to you and your friend? if she was, she will be grounded so PLEASE enlighten me!
T: Hello Renes mom! I was trying to explain that we thought your daughters cities were from a player who had left the game. When she mailed we saw that was not the case and i agreed to leave her. However my friend tells me she has called him an SOB and has been very arrogant. We are friendly people but do not respond kindly to this behaviour in the game.
R: ok I agree for her age she should not have used wtf or sob. However, you did ruin her city without provacation and she was trying to find out why, so I do understand( just dont go for the wtf and she knows it. you still have not explained how she was being arrogent. I am looking throught the messages, and dont see that. I do see you friend was very hostil toward her in his messages all along even beofrer the unapproved sob comment, so not real comfortable with that.
T:Actually, we have not ruined her city. Neither i nor my friend have attacked her. We were going to and when we learnt she was an active player we recalled the attack before it happened. As I said, our alliance is a friendly one and we encourage all our members to behave appropriately with each other. I do not know your daughters age and I do not wish to. This is however a game of conquest and if that upsets your daughter then perhaps this is not a suitable game for her. Best Wishes
R: well we have delt with other alliances and they seem friendly, but mcgert does not. just please leave my daughter alone. and yes her troops are all dead from your scout and her wall is damaged. i am looking at it right now and it is. For the last time, PLEASE leave her alone.
T: you are incorrect, i have been polite and we are leaving the city alone. Now you are being rude. I will have no further contact with you
R: how have I been rude? I am simple asking that you leave my teenage daughter alone. how is that rude. I didn't say you were being rude, I said mcgert had been. as far as incorrect, ya lost me. her troops are all gone. her wall defenses are all gone, and you 2 were the only ones that came to either of her cities, so somthing must have been done. I just want this to end PLEASE?
R: if you must contact her, please do so nicely in a manner you would like your teens to be treated and offer advise rather than critisim. thanks

So thats that. She claims my scouts destroyed her troops and city walls and we are still getting mails. how about Pease Leave Us Alone!!!!!
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Can you believe this?
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